The labyrinth is a very ancient symbol which represents the wholeness in a person. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiritual spiral into a meandering and purposeful path (your inner pilgrimage). Unlike a maze, which has dead ends, a labyrinth is free flowing and powerful. You cannot get lost in a labyrinth because there is only one way in and one way out by following the path to the centre and out again. You walk a labyrinth to learn its lessons of life. The labyrinth symbolises a transformative journey to your own centre and back out into the world. Labyrinths occur in all cultures and have long been used as tools for meditation, centring, healing and self–improvement. Labyrinths bring people together on the common path of life. The Trinity Triad labyrinth is unique to us, as we have gained this knowledge through the close workings of our spiritual guides and Clava Cairns. The labyrinth teaches the full aspect of the whole physical/emotional and mental wellbeing of the individual.  This journey cannot be taken by anyone else, other than the individual self, with full true life time commitment to the work needed.                                                         

  • Learn the Labyrinth Mandala

  • Release all Unwanted Energies

  • Be Initiated into The Ancient Labyrinth of Life

  • Take the Labyrinth Pilgrimage Walk

  • Come to Terms with all Your Inner Self-Deprivations

  • Learn self-control

The Workshops

Our workshops specialise in teaching the betterment and understanding of your whole Self-Wellbeing. The four day workshops start Tuesday morning at 9.30am with your physical awareness introduction into energy raising. Day two starts straight after breakfast at 9.30am, yet another great interaction workshop into your role play on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Day three, you will be learning the practicalities of 'all that is labyrinth' for the followig days labyrinth pilgrimage walk into self-awareness, where you will be initiated into the ancient labyrinth of life and your spiritual labyrinth name in the traditional way. This Retreat Hoilday is the start of your personal journey into true understanding of self and you will be presented with a full guidance manual.

  • Leave Your Conditionings Behind                            

  • Enjoy the Fun and Laughter Groups

  • Gain New Knowledge

  • Meet Life Long Friends

  • In-depth Workshop Teachings