What to Expect

We celabrate group meal times together and catch up with the days experiance. The Lodge kitchen is a good  size farmhouse family kitchen with a 5 oven Aga. All our meals are home cooked with fresh vegetables and friut from our gardens, you will be incouraged to join in with the food preparation and meal time service, which creates the feeling of belonging and a close family unit.


When the nights are clear and not so cold, this is the perfect time to stargaze in the un-polluted Scottish Highlands, if we are lucky, we could make a wish on a shooting star and if we are realy lucky we might catch the aura borealis. If we find ourself  chilled to the bone while waiting for this phenonenon, our fire pit with home made marshmallows and Spanish hot chocolate reaches the spot.     


Our Forest bathing and Woodland meditation are held in our private woods at the bottom of our garden. Each morning before breakfast Lynda will take you through various energy releasing exercises in the wood weather permmiting. When we can catch the Scottish sunshine a little Forest bathing is on the cards and when the weather is warm, we use the woodland for meditiation and sensing nature Spirits.



We have vast grounds and gadens with a meditation wood with hammocks, beanbags and a swing to get you away from every day presures and our fairy glen brings back magic into your life while bonding with nature.