Things We Do

Our events are all-giving and all-sharing for old friends and new ones alike. We do our best to suspend time and space for everyone who takes part, taking you back to yesteryear where all our cares and worries were of no concern to us. We recreate the familure feeling through the taste of our past, with all our home cooked meals, we make time to listen and share the nurturing experiances needed, our aim is to create a place, where you can come time and time again to get away from the world  and all your responsibilities for a short while. Giving you peace and strength to carry on with life once back home.

  • Our Spiritual Retreats Are Held on Anunnal Equinox's and Solstice's
  • Our Informative Spiritual/Healing Breaks
  • Reiki Attunements Anually
  • Our Convalescent ChillOut Breaks Run Quarterly
  • Bev’s Back to Basic  Cookery Lessons  Quarterly
  • Monthly Group Gatherings For Likeminded People Healing/Reiki/Energy Sensing Shares 
  • Meetings For Like Minded People With Guest Speakers Monthly

Our Monthly Meetings

Our monthly group meetings are a fantastic place to gain new knowledge and meet up with friends. We invite different speakers once a month on various subjects. We always finish with a light supper of home bakes, refreshments and a chit-chat catch up.

Learn to Dowse - Why Psychic Protection? - True Life Ghost Stories - What You Need to Know about Alternative Health - Zena Card  and Psychic Testing - Viewing The Auric Field and The Understanding of Our Energy Field -  Meet Your Spirit Guides - Angelic Guidance - U.F.O. - Dream Interpretation  - Reiki Shares

Our anual Usui Reiki Attunements,  takes place in our very own heart shaped garden. The proccess for your Attunement, is to detox for the whole month proir to your Attunement day and to fulfill one hours self healing for one month after your initiation. You will receive two attunents on your day, one in the morning and one after lunch.

We encourge all students to attend our monthly Reiki shares

Bev's back to basic cooking, is for all those that want to creat the old flavours in their cooking and to learn how to make home made cheese-butter and natural yogurt and if there is time a few quick tricks on cake decorating.