Meet Your Teachers



Hi, my name is Beverley Socas, better known to my family and friends as Bev and known to my spiritual teachers as Yelreveb. I am the physical part of the Trinity Triad and the main communicator between worlds .  I am the notorious Arian - energetic, outgoing and fiery. I am not the sort of person who suffers fools lightly and I have a somewhat direct approach to everything in life. I am very spontaneous, loyal to a fault and I love a challenge. I was born with the gift of second sight and psychic abilities, plus the gift of natural healing powers. I started my spiritual path at a very young age and became one of the leading healers and spiritual teachers in my early 20’s.





Hello, my name is Lynda Littlewood and I am the mental part of the Trinity Triad. We have worked together for over 20 years on self-worth, self-denial and self–acceptance. I was very much a lone wolf on my spiritual path with an interest in yoga and Native American teachings until I met Bev at her High Spirits shop and gatherings for like minded people, whereupon she introduced me into Reiki and became my Reiki Master. Through the guidance of spiritual channelling Bev, myself and Linda moved to Scotland to lead the way for humanities understanding.





Hi, my name is Linda Hollingshead and I am the emotional part of the Trinity Triad. I started my spiritual journey as an artist and was the psychic artist for the High Spirits by introducing people to their spiritual guides. Our work now is for us to work very closely with the Clava Cairns in the Scottish Highlands every solstice and equinox for the benefit of mankind.