Trinity Triad Introductions

Hi, my nane is Beverley Socas, better known to my friends as Bev and I am the Physical part of the Trinity Triad.  From my front room in Haworth, West Yorkshire after years of closed spiritual circles, we were told that we were awaiting the seventh to enter the group, Author, Artist, Astronomer, Arthurian, Astrologist, Archaeologist and Annalist (chronicler).   At the time there was much confusion and we took the wording literally. By the late 90's we started asking appropriate questions to our spirit guides and were told that we were awaiting the two L's, which again created confusion. Could it be two people? Had we got the numbers wrong? Was it a person with a double barrelled name??? Meanwhile life goes on and, as I was setting up a Reiki level one attumenent day at my High Spirits Shop/café, who should enter for her initiation into Usui Reiki, but Lynda Littlewood, and out of the group, the Trinity Triad was born.

My aim is to show humanity the way, the truth and peace for their future


Hello, my name is Lynda Littlewood and I am the Mental part of the Trinity Triad. I met Bev when I attended one of her spiritual evenings where she invited guest speakers to give talks and demonstrations. After that I was "hooked" and she became my Reiki Master and took me through Reiki stages I, II & III. Over the last twenty or so years we three have been there for each other helping through the highs, the lows, the euphoric and the depressions. We have learned through the guidance and love of our guides and spiritual teachers to work as one unit to help and guide humanity to a better world.

I am now writing a trilogy on the physical/mental and emotional lives of the triad. I also take meditation workshops and team up with Bev for our monthly meetings for like minded people.

My aim for the Trinity Triad is to share our knowledge and teach the way forward


Hi, I am Linda Hollingshead the Emotional part of the Trinity Triad.

I first met Bev whilst I was living in Haworth where I attended her Mind Body Spirit and Healing events and when she opened her shop/cafe ”High Spirits”, I would attend the spiritual monthly meetings there also. My life was transformed when I was attuned into Reiki when Bev became my Reiki Master, and my natural psychic abilities and intuitive gifts came forth.  It was here I met Lynda through Reiki shares. Bev and myself had information from our spirit guides through our weekly spiritual development circle and we were told a third person was to join us in our work. This turned out to be Lynda and we have been the strong bond of the Triad ever since.

My vision is for all humanity to stand in their total truth and inner power for this shall set us free.