Who we are

As the years pass by, we are committed annually to the Clava Cairns ,every Spring and Autumn Equinox, plus the Summer and Winter Solstices.  We gain our inspiration from the site and each and every time we connect with the Clava Spirit Guides for our unique information to help Humanity.

    Hi, my name is Beverley Socas, better known to my family and friends as Bev and known to my spiritual teachers as Yelreveb. I am the main communicator between our worlds and chanel Spirit on a regular basis, i was born with the gift of second sight and i am a natural healer. I started my Spiritual journey at a very young age, buy walking in nature with my great grandfather, who was a nature herbalist  and I became one of the leading healers and Spiritual teachers / counsellors in my early 20s.  I am the notorious Arian - energetic, outgoing and fiery. I am not the sort of person who suffers fools lightly and I have a somewhat direct approach to everything in life. I am very spontaneous, loyal to a fault and I love a challenge.

My aim is to show humanity the way and to find their truth to bring peace for their future


   Hello, my name is Lynda Littlewood , I was very much a lone wolf on my Spiritual journey before I met Bev where I attended one of her spiritual evenings where she invited guest speakers to give talks and demonstrations. for like minded people. After that I was "hooked" she became my Reiki Master and we shared weekly Reiki sessions with all her students and I looked forward to all my attunements as she took me through all the Reiki stages I, II & III. I am the main scribe for all our channelling sessions from Spirit and have been for years, loving every minute of awesome information. We were guided in 2005 to move to Scotland to spread the new information for Humanity and now we have in 2020 been guided again to set up a Spiritual Hub from our home where everyone is welcome and where we can run all our events to share our profound knowladge.

I am now writing an autobiography on Bev and how she was lead into the things that she does

My aim is to share our knowledge and teach others the way forward